DAKC Hosts Shoveling Contest at Grand Rapids Bus Stops

DAKC Hosts Shoveling Contest at Grand Rapids Bus Stops

Disability Advocates of Kent County is asking Grand Rapids residents to help dig out bus stops in the downtown area. And, they're offering prizes for eager participants.

Kim Frost is the team's Access Specialist and tells WOOD Radio with heavy snow piling up on city sidewalks, bus stops are buried under several feet of snow. She says this becomes a huge obstacle for people with disabilities and require wheelchair access. "The biggest problems we keep running into are from people who cannot get to the bus if the stops when they are snowed-in."

Residents are forced to stay home if stops are not cleared. According to Frost this is most common in "areas surrounding downtown Grand Rapids and stops that are a little bit away from the corner, where the bus is unable to pull up to the edge of the sidewalk."

DAKC wants you to grab your shovels. Frost says members of the group that are able to clear snow away from the most stops by February 28th will receive prizes. "We have ride passes for The Rapid available as recognition that you've pitched in and gone above and beyond."

Before and after pictures, along with the stop location can be emailed directly to Disability Advocates of Kent County. You can find that link HERE.


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